Saturday 2 October 2010

Shake it up daily now, shake it up daily.

My Sloe Gin already looks good, it has turned an almost blood red colour, well maybe not that dark, but you get the idea!, I shake each bottle a daily, just to help things along a bit!
Yesterday we received some English Wagyu Beef as a sample from a new supplier, the first batch ever successfully bred in England, we had a blind tasting along with some New Zealand Wagyu, which is currently on the menu and another sample from the US. The whole kitchen agreed on the same piece of meat, then were all surprised when the head chef revealed that it was the English variety, ! It was miles ahead of the other 2!, The NZ Wagyu came out second and the US stuff didn't even get finished! The English Wagyu didn't look as if was going to be that great as the marbling wasn't fantastic but the flavour definitely was! I don't know if it is because I grew up on it, but I always find that UK Beef, well, unless mass produced, to have much more flavour than any other beef from around the world! I have had some great Auzzie Wagyu and some good Argentinian cuts, but I always find that well looked after cows from the UK to have better flavour, maybe its just my taste! Anyway, when we called the supplier to order a batch, he apologised as he 'lost our phone number' (bollocks) and therefore couldn't get through to us and sold the lot (he only produced a few cows)to Raymond Blanc at Le Manoir! What a fucking waste! They will probably cook it in a water bath and serve it with a Wasabi valoute and turned baby carrots!!!!! Anyway, he promised that he will have a few cows ready for us in November.

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