Monday 28 February 2011

My best mate, Frank.

This is my best mate Frank,
we are a strange pair of mates, hes 20 years older than me!
But we just clicked when we 1st met 10 years ago, he's always at the end of the phone if I ever need him, and is a great listener, always giving me advice.
He's the Worlds best mate.

Monday 21 February 2011

Chefs night in, Miko.

My mate Miko, head chef at D&D'S The Avenue, has been complaining that he is working to hard! Bless......So I thought I'd give him a night off and cook for him.
He cooks English/European food at work, so I thought I'd cook him something a bit more exciting, something with a bit of a spicy Kick!

The Menu,

-Grilled Chicken marinated in green chilli, coriander, garlic and shallots.
-Spicey Aubergines and green beans.
-Spicy tomato chutney.
-Mint yoghurt.
-Basmatti rice.

Wednesday 16 February 2011

Disco Dan.

My mate disco Dan is going away for a few months (no not to prison!), he is going traveling around Asia for a bit.
He is a great mate, we met when we worked at MPW's Mirabelle restaurant in Mayfair, about 8 years ago, he has come along way since I showed him hold a knife!
We also worked at Nobu together, where he was the pastry chef. We meet up all the time for a beer and a chat.
I am gonna really miss him.
Anyway, I had a bit of a leaving dinner around mine last Saturday night for him, here are the pics.

The menu,
Very crispy pork belly,
Paprika roast chicken,
'Nutty' cous cous,
Saffron grilled fennel,
Salsa 'Verde',
Cheese to finish.

To drink,

Good luck Disco, keep in touch.

Top Tipple.

Love this Ale, discovered it last year as a guest beer at a pub in Brompton road, Fulham, and then couldnt find again for ages, then it popped up in Sainsbury's!

Sunday 6 February 2011

Din Dins.

Seared Makeral, samphire and enoki mushrooms on toast.
Brain food.

Mums Cottage pie.

What a treat, Gastro gran makes me an apple pie and a Victoria sponge then my old girl makes me a cottage pie!
Served with colly cheese and frozen veggies (which I requested as they remind me of being a kid!).

Gastro Grans been baking.

My favourite person came to see me the other day,
she made me a lovely Victoria sponge and an apple pie.
mmmmmmm delicious.
She's amazing.