Wednesday 13 October 2010

Sustainable Fish.

We are always being told to eat sustainable fish, yet even as a chef in a Japanese restaurant who works with allot of fish every day of the week, it becomes confusing to know what to use and when! However, M&J seafood have just published a list of sustainable fish, most of them farmed, and when we should be eating them. Here is the list.
-Arctic Char, farmed in Ireland. Available all year round.
-Cod (Atlantic), farmed organically in Scotland and Norway. Available fresh all year.
-Cod (Pacific), Eastern bering Sea and Aleutian Islands. Fillets and loins available frozen all year.
-Coley, Norwegian, North Sea and North-East Arctic Fisheries all MSC certified. Fresh April to December.
-Cuttlefish, from the South Coast. Best in autumn and winter.
-Dab, plentiful. Best from June to February.
-Dover Sole, Hastings fleet fishery, MSC certified. Limited availability all year.
-Grey Mullet, mostly line caught by day boats. Best from July to September.
-Gurnard, fresh from August to March, frozen all year round.
-Hake, MSC certified South African Hake. Frozen all year.
-Halibut, Farmed in Scotland and Northern Europe, all year.
-Herrings, Thames, Hastings and various North sea fisheries and MSC certified. Available from spring to autumn.
-Hoki, MSC certified from New Zealand. Available frozen all year round.
-Mackerel, South West and Hastings fisheries are MSC certified, available all year round but best quality and availability is July to October.
-Pollock (British), available all year round but to be avoided when spawning, from January to April.
-Pollock (Alaskan), MSC certified. Available frozen all year round.
-Salmon (Alaskan), MSC certified. Available frozen all year round.
-Salmon (Shetland), Farmed, RSPCA freedom food approved. Available fresh all year.
-Sardines, ring net caught in Cornwall. Currently in MSC pre-assessment.
-Sea bass (line caught), caught at MSC certified Holderness coast fishery.
-Sea bass (farmed), Available all year.
-Sprats, from Cornwall and the south west. Available from August to March.
-Squid (British), available all year round, but at its best from August ti March.
-Tuna (Albacore), line caught in Cornish Albacore fishery, in MSC pre-assessment. Available fresh July to September, frozen all year.
-Turbot, farmed in Scotland, Norway and Spain. Available all year.
-Whiting, plentiful, available May to February. Frozen all year.

Note- MSC certified = Marine Stewardship Council certified.

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