Monday 18 October 2010

'Bottom of the Fridge' Soup.

Today was really grotty, dull, cold and rainy. It was a stay in and watch dvd's with the Mrs. kind of day., but luckily she was working!!! Ha ha..So it was just me!
I checked the fridge and there wasn't much in there, apart from a few old wrinkly veggies and a pear! So I invented 'the bottom of the fridge soup'!

-a few potatoes,
-a few onions,
-a few parsnips,
-a few carrots,
-a bit of swede,
-a third of a colly,
-a pear (???well it was there???)
-chicken stock, to cover.
-Maldon salt and freshly ground black or white pepper.

-Peal all the veggies,
-chop all the veggies, all about the same size,
-in a large pot, sweet the onions in a few glugs of olive oil,
-then add the rest of the veggies, stir,
-cover with the chicken stock,
-simmer until the veggies are soft,
-season with the salt and pepper,

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