Monday 25 October 2010

Chefs Day Out- Nacho.

Nacho is my Spanish mate who used to work with me at Zuma, he's only been in London for about a year and hasn't really seen much of London's food scene, other than the 2 restaurants that he has worked in. So as his 'Best English Mate', I feel that it is my duty to show him about town. Last trip we went to Yautcha, which seemed to have suffered since being sold by Alan Yau, so he wasn't impressed and started telling me how it was so much easier to get a Michelin Star in England than it is in Spain, bla bla bla bla! Anyway, so this time I took him to, in my opinion, London's best 1* restaurant, Tom Aikens. It wasn't a bad meal, we shared a good bottle of Merlot and had the 5 (8 with the extras) course lunch tasting menu (£49), I just strongly believe that sometimes less is more, and adding loads of petals, cresses, jellies, foams, etc doesn't always better a dish, the food looked amazing but the flavours were not there (well for me at least), I would rather that there be more enthuses on the flavours rather than the presentation, a few of the dishes were overpowered by silly garnishes or by other ingredients on the plate, like the smocked salmon and grapefruit or the Foir Gras with black currents, but all in all it was a fairly good lunch and Nacho was impressed!

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