Thursday 30 September 2010

Sloe Gin.

Sloes are bang in season in October and the beginning of November, usually after the first frost, and my uncle Frank gave me some he foraged last week in London.
I've always wanted to make Sloe Gin, but usually forget or can never find them anywhere.
So now was a great chance to experiment. I wanted to add a few more flavours so here is what I came up with,

-Sloe Gin with Chilli,
-Orange, Clove and Sloe Gin,
-Sloe and Basil Gin,
-Honey, Lemon and Sloe Gin.

I basically divided 800grms of Sloes, which I pricked each with a folk, into 4 small bottles, then added 100grms of caster sugar into each of the 4 bottles, 'guesstimated' the flavourings, shook the bottles so as to mix the ingredients, then added 250 mls of Gin into each of the bottles.
Easy, peasy! Now I will store them in the cupboard and give them as pressies at Crimbo! Wahaaay.

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