Tuesday 14 September 2010

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

So when I was out shopping for this evenings 'Chefs night in' I came across some Angle Delight, it reminded me of when I was a whipper snapper. I didn't have a dessert planned so I thought that I would play a little trick on Freddie, as I needed cheering up a bit from the dissapointment of yesterdays competition! Fred was a chef with Georgio Locatelli for nearly 8 years, has only ever worked in Michelin starred restaurants, so this was going to be tricky! But I whipped together (well mixed with milk and put in the fridge) the Angle Delight and garnished it up a bit with some white chocolate and served it to Fred as Homemade Equadorian Chocolate mousse, Ha ha, he said it was a bit rich but really good and asked for the recipe! Ha ha.

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