Friday 17 September 2010

Dustmen and DVD's.

There comes a day when you wake up really needing a good feed, something really stodgy, unlike the porridge and fruit that I usually eat before my morning Jog (Bo####ks)! Luckily I just discovered a really cool Greasy spoon not to far from me in Fulham called The Peterborough, a really old school, working class, ''Proper'' Cafe, it seems really out of place in this fairly middle class area, but was full of working class characters.
On entering (at around 9.30 in the morning!), I was offered DVD's from an Chinese girl on a mobile phone, 'she's here all the time', said the girl behind the counter, who was also on her mobile, telling the person on the other end how hung over she was, cos she'd been on the Stella's last night with Dave! I sat near a group of Dustmen and a man who rides around the streets near my house on a crazy bike with medals and other strange ornaments dangling from it, before today I thought he was a bit crazy but actually seemed really intelligent!
The food was what you would expect from a greasy spoon, 1 spoon of grease, 2 bacon, 2 deep fried sausages, 2 fried eggs, black pud (deep fried), 2 tomatoes, beans, 2 toast, a fried slice and a cup of rosey all for £7!

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  1. Now your talking my language.Thats food I like.None of this foreign rubbish!