Saturday 25 September 2010

The Loft.

Nuno Mendes' The Loft Project, is a pop up restaurant in Hoxton, it is getting bigger and bigger each week, always 'popping up' in restaurant magazines and slowly becoming a 'foodie destination'.
It was originally set up for chefs to showcase their food. Each week a different chef cooks a 12 course meal for 8-16 guests, each few courses are paired with a glass of booze (wine, Sake, sherry, whatever).
I was lucky enough to be one of the first chefs to cook there (the 4th I think), it was a great experience, meeting the Loft team and the guests, something us chefs dont really get to do much of as we are usually locked up in the kitchen!
Here is my menu.

Course 1, on arrival,
-Crispy Pigs Ears with chili flakes,
-Fried Asian herbs and seaweed salt.

Course 2,
-Salmon tartare, Ginger and Apple.

Course 3,
Cornish Mackerel marinated in Konbu with Cucumber and Purple Basil.

Course 4,
Light broth of Crab and Lemongrass, Chicken and Ginger Dumplings.

Course 5,
Crispy Prawn, green chili and Ikura.

Course 6,
Turmeric fried Squid.

Course 7,
Curried Scallop, Coconut and Galangal.

Course 8,
Free Range Chicken (Medrith Farm, Suffolk), cooked 2 ways,
Salted and Steamed,
Glazed with Soy and Mandarin.

Course 9,
Wagyu Beef Cheeks braised with Lotus and Mooli.

Course 10,
Chilled Pineapple soup, Melon and Thai Basil.

Course 11,
Light Mousse of Jasmine Flowers, Ginger Tea Jelly, Madeleine of Chinese Honey.

Course 12,
Tapioca with Young Coconut, Pandanas Agar Agar.

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