Friday 24 September 2010


Met Mrs.Tee at her mushroom seminar in Brompton Road, just off of Knightsbridge, introduced her to uncle frank, then treated her to dinner at Racine, top restaurant, always have a good hearty meal there and great value,
I had,
Tar tare of beef, capers, egg yolk etc,
Grilled Rabbit (leg only, bit disappointed that I didn't get a bit of Saddle)
Cherry Clafoutis, with creme anglaise (AKA custard)

Mrs.Tee had,
Tar tare of beef, same as me,
Braised Veals head (what a women),
Apple sorbet with Calvados (a large shot, poured over the sorbet by the waiter)

And we shared a side order of chips (homemade, bloody good) and spinach puree with generous chunks of foir gras inside.

She was telling me how that there was a restaurant on the site before Racine that she used to deliver mushrooms to in 1980, the year I was born!
And last week she was shooting a program to be shown on BBC 1 in a few months.

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