Wednesday 22 September 2010

Thanks Mrs.Tee.

My mate Mrs.Tee sent us some beutifull mushrooms which she picked from the New Forest, we recieved a giant Puff Ball (£20) and 2 Beefsteak mushrooms (also £20)! We are approaching a great month for mushrooms, we recieved some of the first Ceps from her last week, also from the New Forest, Mental, I didn't even know that Ceps grew in England! They were great, they could have been from France, Italy or Spain, you could't tell the difference! She is a real legend, I am due another hunter gathering trip with her soon, some time in October I hope.


  1. Did you know there is a malaysian style street market in Trafalgar Sq on Friday?

  2. Cool, what time? I'm off, I'll deffo head down there.