Saturday 4 September 2010

Raymond Blanc.

Raymond Blanc was in the restaurant tonight, he let us (the chefs) choose his menu, light, fresh and fish only were the only guide lines! Then after his meal he came into the kitchen (on crutches) and said that he was personally going to call Michelin on Monday morning and tell them to award us a star!What a legend!

Oh, and I made Grouse Teriyaki on Friday, Recipe to follow soon!


  1. its Raymond, you knob.
    did he get free dindins? he's a friend of Thompson of course and has been at Nahm a few times (probably when you were off :), and always came down to say thank you. Nice bloke, well french :)

  2. Mate, theres no such thing as a free meal!, especially at Zuma, Yer, the old spelling is a bit shabby, never mind, it gets my blog loads of attention!