Wednesday 22 December 2010

Wimpy, the old skool burger!

When my mate asked me if I wanted to go to a Wimpy bar with him I thought he was taking the mick! Then I thought about it and it had been 20 years since I had been to a Wimpy bar (Ben Vines 10th birthday party, 1990!), and then after a brief bit of research, realised that there was much more to the Wimpy bar than I expected.
The first ever Wimpy bar was created by Eddie Gold in 1951, it was situated at Lyons Corner House in Coventry Street, London. By 1953 Eddie was running 12 branches. By the mid 70's the company had expanded to over 1000 branches in 23 countries!
Unfortunately, by the late 80's Wimpy was loosing ground to McDonalds, who opened their first UK restaurant in 1974.
Despite Wimpy being the only major burger chain where you can eat a burger with a knife and folk and to include the 'Bender burger' and a Quorn burger on their menu, nowadays only a few Wimpy Bars can be found across the UK.

So we headed over to Clapham Junction. On entering the Wimpy bar, it reminded me of being a kid, I was a bit excited to eat a burger with cutlery and have a retro milky coffee!
The food was alright and it filled a hole, between four of us we had 2 bender burger and 2 'International mixed grills'!, a large milky coffee each and a pud each, a sort of doughnut with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.
£54, 4 people, 2 courses each, and a few milky coffees, who could complain about that!


  1. A sort of doughnut!!!! Its a Brown Derby.Mmmmm.I used to make my poor husband drive to Hitchin to get me one ,23 years ago when I was pregnant.Imagine trying to drive back to Baldock with that in the car.