Sunday 5 December 2010

Chefs Night Out, Bar Shu.

Only about 2 times a year do we get out from work before midnight, and tonight was one of them, we had an exclusive canape party, so we were done by 9! So we headed over to Bar Shu in Frith street, Soho.
Schechaun cuisine, which includes allot of offal, chili oil and deep fried chillies.
We tried 80% of the menu! Dishes included, tripe, trotters, duck tongue, jellyfish and deep fried lamb! This is real food, hungry chefs food, no fannying around! Offal with loadsa chillie!
The bill was about £600, which sounds allot but there was 12 of us! Although I did think it a bit cheeky of them for charging us £2 for 4 take away containers!

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