Saturday 28 August 2010

Seasonal Caugettes fried with Japanese breadcrumbs.

Saturday off means Pimlico Farmers Market! Found some lovely caugettes down there so I decided to fry some in Japanese breadcrumbs (Panko flakes), thay are lighter and crispier than all other breadcrumbs, and anytime I use another type of breadcrumb they always remind me of Finders Crispy Pancakes! I also bought a beutifull wild Seabass and some lovely yellow carrots.
I sliced the caugettes (4 for 3 of us)diagnally, floured then (plain flour), then dipped them in beaten eggs (2), then coated them in some Japanese breadcrumbs. Then I shallow fried them in a mixture of Sesame and vegetable oil, I served them with a homemade Tartare sauce (2 egg yolks, grapeseen oil, chopped capers and gherkins, the juice of 1 small lemon, salt and pepper). I also baked the Seabass whole and simply boiled the carrots in lightly salted water, then I garnished them with the carrot stalks which I washed and chopped and salt and pepper.

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