Wednesday 11 August 2010

Fulham to Finsbury Park!

10 days straight working then 4 days out of 5 off! I am a bit broke at the moment, so I was trying to find something to do on my day off that wasn't going to cost me anything and try and combine that with some form of exercise (as I have been promising myself that I will 'get fit' for about 5 years now, ha, ha), cos the rock n roll lifestyle is starting to catch up with me a bit! So I decided to go on a free foodie bike ride! I decided to ride from Fulham (where I live) to Finsbury Park (don't know why!), and try and find a few restaurants (hidden gems) to visit when in 100 years I eventually get my over draught up! Or the odd good butcher, fish munger, etc.
I rode through the West End, then through Holbon and Angel to finsbury park.
Interesting things that I came across include Da Mario Princess Diana Pizzeria in Gloucester road, which has a newspaper article placed next to the menu, with a picture of Princess Diana leaving the restaurant from about 20 years ago!
I Also came across a cool Bagel shop, which opened next to a painting by graffiti Artist Banksy, called....Banksy Bagel Bar! This was in Holbon.
Towards Finsbury park there was an array of old school fish and chip shops, I love a bag of fish and chips from a real Chippie, bread roll, mushy peas and a can of Coke (no wonder I need to exercise) oh , and Tar tare sauce! They are just great, a real comfort food and chip shops have such character, you always get served by a grumpy old man that doesn't really want to work in there or an under age employee who shouldn't really work in there, his 13 year old niece or nephew! And there is always a small pile of 1 fishcake, a saveloy and a pineapple fritter in the corner of the greasy glass covered shelves! And raw chips are always stored in blue buckets!
I also came across a realy cool looking Japanese Cafe, called Necco and a sandwich shop called Butty Boys!

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