Monday 23 August 2010

Fish on Friday!

Taking my Spanish mate Nacho for fish and chips on friday, I'll take him to the Fryers Delight in Holbon, another mate of mine tells me it's the best in London, I hope so because Nacho is always complaining about English food! !!!!! I'll show him! Paella, Whatever!


  1. Chris have you finaly tried livewriter.I noticed the text was at the side today!!!!!
    Oh and tell your mum to go buy the Kitchenaid mixer

  2. We took an American friend out for fish and chips.It was funny watching her reactions to vinegar,etc.

  3. Hello Karen, we are going to have to meet up so that you can show me how to do all of these things, because I havn't got a clue! There are loads of things that I want to do! Maybe in a month or so???