Tuesday 23 November 2010

Top New Book.

I was off yesterday and not really that much going on in town so I spent the afternoon in a book shop. I came across this amazing book that has just been released by Darina Allen (who runs a World renowned cookery school in Ballymaloe, Ireland) called 'Forgotten skills of cooking', it contains some really usefull information on the different cuts of meat from a cow, lamb and a pig. Also some amazing old fashioned methods like making butter, smoking and curing meat and fish, and some lovely recipes like, Carrageen Moss pudding with rhubarb and cicely compote.
Crab and wild garlic tart. Tripe and trotters with chorizo. Melted Chard stalks with bacon and hazelnuts and Summer fruit jelly with Rose Geranium cream, to name a few.
The book also includes a section on 'hunter gathering', what to pick, where to find it and when.
A bit pricey at £30, bit a book of this quality is well worth it.

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