Sunday 21 November 2010

Squid stuffed with breadcrumbs, garlic and parsley, Squid ink pasta.

Cooked an amazing dinner the other night with some lovely fresh squid that I found in a fishmonger.
I cleaned the Squid, sauteed the wings and tenticles in olive oil with loads of garlic, then added some fresh breadcrumbs and parsley, browned the breadcrumbs then cooled the mix on a tray in the fridge. When cool, I stuffed the parsley breadcrumbs into the squid tubes, sauteed them and covered them with a simply (but tasty) tomato, white wine and garlic sauce (they were the only 3 ingredients!) then slowly baked (160 degrees) the squid for 20 minutes, then just before I serving, I added a handfull of chopped curly parsley. I served the squid with Squid Ink pasta simpley dressed with olive oil.

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