Friday 26 November 2010

Pheasant, Garnish.

Pheasant and Chips, what a top dinner! But made even better with classic accompliments of breadcrumbs and breadsauce!

Simply take some stale, old white bread, blend it in a robot coupe (fancy word for a blender) for a few seconds, then fry the 'crumbs' in butter for a few minutes until golden brown and crisp, drain, cool and serve.

Bread sauce,
Take a pealed onion or shallot and 'stud' it with a few cloves, add to a few 100 mls of whole milk and gently bring to the boil. Remove from the heat and leave the pot to stand for a 30 minutes or so in order to cook the shallot (or onion) and also infuse the milk with the cloves. Remove the shallot from the milk and whisk in a few slices of roughly chopped or torn (rustic is good with bread sauce, no finesse needed), white bread to achieve a thick paste consistency. Remove the cloves from the shallot and chop it roughly, add the chopped shallot to the breadsauce and season with salt, freshly milled pepper and a tiny pinch or 1 grate of nutmeg, warm slightly before serving.

Peppery watercress also makes a great accompliment to any game bird. I make a simlpe little dressing with 1 spoon of clear honey, 1 spoon of grain mustard, 1 spoon of sherry vinegar, 2 spoons of grape seed oil (or you can use plain vegetable oil) and a pinch of salt, dress the salad as you serve it.

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