Thursday 11 November 2010

The Medical Uses of Seaweed.

Seaweed contains so many good things that it is not surprising there should be so many medical uses for it. Modern pharmaceutical industries use agars and alginates in pills, lotions, potions and pastilles. Alginates are especially usefull where a medication has to get through the stomach untouched and to do its work in the intestines. Stomach acid is strong, but it makes little impression on that particular jelly coat. However, the old remedies have a few thousand years of testing, and in many parts of the World are still the favourite cures. It is even better when a favourite food is also a favourite medicine.
As an antibiotic, seaweed is best in spring. Even if the material is oven or freeze dried, the activity is the same.
Listed below are a few conditions and the benefits that seaweed can have in treating these conditions,

The Japanese consider that seaweed as a food counteracts the effects of ageing. Cerebal haemorrhage and high blood pressure are rare in people who have a regular intake of seaweed. This could be in part due to the vitamin K content, which is an anti-haemorrhagic. Zinc defiency stops the bodies cells from 'breathing' properly or efficiently, so high qualities in Kelp will aid the system, and improve cell activity. This in itself should act like rejuvenation.

Vitamin B12, found in all seaweeds and especially in Kelp, should help this condition if it has been bought on by an insufficient intake of Iron. There is also iron in Seaweeds.

Arthritis is a mineral-related affliction, where disturbances in the acid balance of the blood and lymph are the strongest contributors. Kelp has a potassium/nitrogen ratio of 3-1, which is close to the human bodies ratio of 5-1. This plant is very usefull in restoring the bodies balance, and has been used to treat arthritis, rheumatic fever damage and heart pains.

Irish moss has been used to soothe irratating bladder disease, taken as a decoction when needed. Bladderwrack, despite its name, has only an indirect effect, in that it influences the kidneys, and again restores the balance in the body.

*Bronchitis and chronic cough,
A good remedy is Irish moss, 1/2oz, soaked in cold water for 10 minutes, boiled in 3 pints of water for 1/4 hour, strained and flavoured. Kelp, the universal remedy, will aid breathing.

Reduce it by eating the red 'Porphyra', as laver bread or nori, or better still the green aonori.

A strict seaweed only diet, based on Konbu, to rejuvenate the whole body.

Agar agar used as a jelly, flavoured as you wish. The pharmaceutical industry favours orange in its commercial preparations.

*Mouth Ulcers,
A tea of brown weed such as 'Laminaria saccarina' washed around the mouth several times a day, will heal and soothe.

In men, Kelp helps to clear up prostate troubles. In women, Kelp regularizes the functioning of the ovaries.

*Stomach ailments,
Green seaweeds as food are easily digested, weather raw or cooked. A way of taking in valuable vitamins and minerals with the least irritation.

Put on a 'plaster' of green seaweed, an old Chinese speciality.

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