Sunday 25 July 2010

The Thai Festival, Battersea Park, London.

I visited The Thai Festival in Battersea Park today with my mate Dobbie, with who I used to work with at Nahm. It was my second visit, although it has been running for 15 years. There is loads to see and do there and more important than that, loads to eat! We tried some grilled sweet pork skewers, Thai spicy pork sausages, Sticky rice and banana grilled in banana leaf and a nahm prik. Although there was loads of other interesting food on offer, pictures to follow! Check out the deep fried chicken feet and the braised duck tongues!


  1. I wish I had known about the Thai festival,I would have gone.I LOVE thai food and the odd massage.Mmmm tongues sound delightful.What were all your written notes for?

    Try Live writer you will kick yourself for not using it sooner.You can position your photos wherever you want,different sizes and at a jaunty angle if you require,all whist writing.

    (And Kim where are my recipes?Made a sh*t red velvet cake yesterday.My aga is impossible to cook cakes in.
    Plus I'd like a treatment from your daughter.)

  2. I was going to go to this! In fact, I did queue for a while before wandering if maybe there wasn't much going on aside a few food stalls and chickening out of parting with my £4 (yes, I'm extremey thrifty) Oh the regret!
    i found myself getting drawn across the river to gaze longingly through the window at William Curley instead!

  3. Cool, did you buy any chocolates? His are amazing, one of my friends worked for him when he had his first shop in Richmond, he (William) is crazy! He was always shouting at my friend if he threw anything away, even an egg white if he needed only the yolk! But that is what you have to put up with if you want to work with the best I suppose!

  4. Indeed... Pain for pleasure. Or his pain for my pleasure maybe. now I feel bad.
    I didn't buy anything! I was a little too overwhelmed. But I'm currently doing (extensive!) research on London chocolatiers, so I guess I'll *have* to go back. Quelle damage...