Monday 26 July 2010

Cooke's Pie and Mash, The Food.

The Food here hasn't changed in over 120 years, Joe tells me that all the recipes are the same today as they were when it opened. We tried it all, Pie and Mash, Eels in liquor and a fruit pie for pud, oh and a mug of builders to wash it all down. As it was my first ''proper pie and mash'' I can't really compare it with anything, but it was bloody good value, and we were all stuffed, you don't often hear that!
The menu is fairly small, ''Meat pies'' (made using Beef chuck), veg pies (not sure), eels (jellied or in liqour), fruit pies (Cherry flavour), tea, coffee and a few fizzy drinks and that's it.
The ''meat'' pies were good, really meaty and tasty, the mash was, well mashed potato, nice that it wasn't full of butter, just plain with salt and white pepper, nice and light and soaked up the liqour. No marks for presentation but that is what makes Cooke's so great, it is what it is and has never changed since it opened its doors, and what with the ''pretend to be poor'' crowd that have moved into trendy Hoxton, lets hope that Cooke's keeps its working class identity for many years to come!

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