Tuesday 26 October 2010

The Fryer's Delight.

Disco Dan (Aka Dirty Dan) kept harping on about how great The Fryer's Delight in Holbon was, ''Yer, it's the best chippie in London, go there all the time, etc'',! So last Friday we popped over there (well, sat on a tube for 45 mins), for a good feed!
Rubbish....It was terrible, I had better fish and chips, when my mum used to take me to ''The Harvester'' when I was a kid!!
We ordered and our food was served within 1 minute, so it obviously wasn't cooked from fresh, Disco had a pie (weirdo, why have a pie in London's so called best chippie!) which was soggy and was deffo from the microwave! My fish (Cod) was also soggy, you know like when you have fish and chips for school dinners, it looked as if it had been baked, no light, crispy batter, just this thick, soggy outer cardboard like sort of layer of leather, type thing!!! Wow, harsh! Anyway, you get the picture! And a chippie that doesn't do mushie peas!! What!!!
So you get the jist, I won't be rushing back there or listening to Disco Dan again!

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