Wednesday 23 June 2010

What a mental day!

Mental Day in the kitchen, England playing and I'm on a double! So I arrived at work at 7.30 in the morning, 2 cigarettes, 1 bottle of Lucozade and a panini, then worked my nuts off all morning, racing round so that I could get out to watch the game, fucking busy lunch, then found another load of jobs that needed doing, then eventually slipped out to watch the second half, all the posh pubs in Knightsbridge were without telly's, so I ended up watching it in a bookies, with a load of working men , or not so working men! Good atmosphere though, well for a bookies, full of a load of divorced Irish men with drink problems! No, it was a good result for England, we actually looked like we could be arsed for once! So anyway, ran back to work, quickly got changed back into my chef whites, then set up and straight into a very busy service! Cleaned down, then it was 1 in the morning! Arrived home about 1.30, now I am shagged out,time to hit my bed, 2 days off, wahoooooooo! Might go to Vijiante on friday!

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