Monday 28 June 2010

Art Muay, a piece of Asia in Earls Court!

At Nahm, there would frequently be problems with our delivery of Thai produce (it isn't easy transporting all of those ingredients from a Market in Thailand to a small Hotel in Belgravia!), usually because of a Riot, Protest or some other form of demonstration in Bangkok, so as all of the dishes used authentic ingredients and strict recipes were followed, no compromise was ever made, only Thai herbs, spices and other amazing ingredients were ever used. So when this problem did occur, we (the chefs)would take it in turns scouring London for the little Thai produce available. Most of the time we would head over to China town, along with the other thousands of Thais living in London! Until we came across Art Muay, a small shop, down a small street in Earls Court. They always seem to have great quality produce, usually at a reasonable price. So here are a few pics I took on a recent trip.

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